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Elijsha’s Dream is a 501(c)(3) is founded on the three basic principals that underscore the motto of Atlanta Dog Trainer.

The primary missions are as follows: to help dogs that are rescued by economically challenged families through scholarship funded behavior modification training with a certified professional dog trainer from Atlanta Dog Trainer, LLC.

Secondary is to provide training opportunities to those special needs people who are looking for help through domestic caring of canines that are trained to help improve their quality of life.

The third objective is to help veterans with PTSD, and other emotional hindrances, overcome tragic experiences and find comfort in an emotional support dog.  One of the few things taught in training is how to teach their dogs to alert to noises, people in close proximity and how to clear a dark room by going in first and checking the area.  We tailor each person and dog with what is best for their companionship and trustful relationship.

Many loving families and veterans who rescue dogs that have been abused or neglected run tremendous vet costs. As a result they have very little resources to secure the appropriate training for dogs that have developed poor coping skills. This could manifest in reactionary destructive behavior. These families want to provide a better life for them but are limited to receive the training necessary to help them.
— Susia Aga

Donors have an opportunity to give a gift through their donation that keeps on giving. As a tax free donation, they are able to save a dog’s life and in some cases, save the life of their owner as well.

Sometimes having a dog companion could very well be the difference of living life or suffering. Some of my clients have been able to cope successfully with fear and anxiety issues knowing that their four-legged friend is by their side.
— Susie Aga


Elijsha came into Susie’s life unexpectedly as many of her other dogs have. Like the others in her personal pack, Elijsha had a hard life before she met Susie. With her owner’s help she not only recovered from the physical scars that many rescues bare, but also the emotional scars that come with it as well. What Elijsha did not know is that she helped Susie overcome some of her own fears and challenges and inspired her make her dream come true. Aga states, “Elijsha inspired me to overcome my toughest times!” Susie’s mission is to give back in the name of her inspiration, Elijsha.

If you wish to donate to Elijsha’s Dream kindly make all tax free donations to “Elijsha’s Dream”.

If you wish to volunteer, please contact Susie Aga at


Elijsha’s Dream turned Jackson & Boots Dream into Reality!

“Its hard to explain. My doctor was the one that explained to me that it would help to have a dog because of my PTSD. Currently, the VA does have a program; but it is very restrictive. What that means is that they can only allow you to to have one dog,” stated Retired Army Veteran Willie Jackson. Jackson supports Elijsha’s Dream because it made his dream of a road to healing a reality!

A logistic manager for a battalion, Jackson explains, has a tremendous responsibility for a large group of men and women. Jackson served our country from 1977-1997. Based on his record he served in every conflict, or war during the time he was enlisted in one way or another.  One of the trials of war are the scars that it leaves on so many of our service men and women. Like Jackson, thousands of veterans suffer from PTSD. Therapy dogs like Boots provide the much needs support that is conducive to a pathway to healing.  His wife Cassandra explains, “The dogs lay beside him when he is sleeping and having bad dreams or problems.. they lay beside him…they alert me if he is sick and wake him up. They are with him when I need to leave the house without him. They provide him the comfort and support he needs to get through the day.” Jackson encourages any vet who is suffering from PSTD, or BDI to continue their support groups and treatments as their doctor’s prescribe but also to share with their doctor first if they should look into Elijsha’s Dream as possible pathway to build a bond for a very deserving rescue. Susie Aga founder of Elijsha’s Dream states, “Our veteran’s give so much for us as do dogs…its time we reach out and help them both. We help bring two dreams to reality with Elijsha’s Dream. The dog we help rescue and train. We match them up with the person who needs a therapy dog. For both Its a bond that helps them make living a good life not a dream, but a reality.”

“When you are in the military you need to love what you are doing… I loved soldering. You love soldiering…but you never think it’s going to end one day…and it does. My dogs are the transition from loving soldiering to loving life!”


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