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Doggie Day School


The day school also includes a full day of daycare.  Tuition $145 a day with a minimum of 3 days (includes daycare fee of $27).

Introducing ATLANTA DOG TRAINER DOGGIE DAY SCHOOL! Looking for a little training with the welcomed exhaustion that comes with daycare? Can’t stand to stay away from your pup for the two weeks required for board and train? Send your dog to DAY SCHOOL! Our Doggie Day School consists of 3 training days.   We can also tailor the training days to suit your schedule if possible.   Each day your dog will get 3 training sessions with our resident certified trainer.  The questions are is your dog dog friendly?   What 3 issues do you want to work on?

The training is 3 sessions during the day then your dog will play in doggie daycare all day.

  • The first day’s beginning session is about 45 minutes with you to temperament test your dog, go over the commands requested, and let you know what homework you will have that evening.

  • Second day you will drop off dog and pick up with out seeing the trainer.  You will have the homework to work on that evening as well which is imperative for the commands to hold from day to day.

  • Third day you will meet with the trainer for about 45 minutes in the afternoon and they will wrap up the training, and go over your homework.

  • The more days of dog day school the better your dog will be.

Our trainer will work on obedience, behavior modification and can start aggression management for those dogs with leash aggression issues. During the day school they will be either training or playing with fellow pups and getting lots of exercise.

Whether you need basic obedience or work on specific behaviors, day school gives you a tired and well-behaved dog! (Doggie Day school consists of three training sessions and 2 private 45 minute lessons with the owner). The private sessions will go over the commands learned in day school. We will show you how to maintain behaviors at home and be consistent.


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