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Dog Aggression Management

Dog Aggression Management

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About Aggression Management

Dog Aggression Management courses start with 3 to 6 one hour private sessions or individual one hour sessions.  Amount of sessions depends on what type of aggression it is, whether dog to dog or dog to human aggression. The Dog Aggression Management Course includes sessions of canine aggression management, behavior modification, socialization to dogs, children and adults, and our dog obedience training curriculum as well as reversal of hierarchy to reestablish you as the Leader. Aggressive canine behavior can stem from many variables and we will work with you to manage the canine aggression to make your life more enjoyable with your beloved dog.  Private sessions are held at our Alpharetta training facility.

In these sessions, we will teach you how to be the leader and stay the leader of the pack in all situations. We think like pack leaders and will teach you how to see all warning signals and body postures to be aware of when your dog first states eliciting signs of aggression. We also work with dominant/fearful puppies that start shows signs of aggression or possession at an early age.

We use a lot of counter-conditioning techniques in the aggressive dog training course and show you how to change the dog’s mindset before aggression escalates.


Aggression management sessions at our facility (recommenced) are $85 or 3 sessions for $245, human and dog to dog aggression is $95 an hour or 3 sessions for $275 depending on the level of aggression. Here, we have the most resources available to work with, including other dogs and people. We can supply any tools we need to adapt to different dogs’ personalities or specific types of aggression.

Ryker the 110 pound Rottweiler. He was reactive to dogs and we worked with him to the point where he got so much better that we could take him into a Pet Smart for socialization exercises.

Ryker the 110 pound Rottweiler. He was reactive to dogs and we worked with him to the point where he got so much better that we could take him into a Pet Smart for socialization exercises.



“Although our two dogs had been members of the park for six months, we were actually referred to Susie Aga through a friend who is very active with animal rescue groups. Our rescue mix, Wally, had unexpectedly begun to exhibit aggression toward people, and our friend said that Susie had the best reputation for working with aggressive dogs in the North Atlanta area. I then made the connection, that this was Atlanta Dog Trainer, affiliated with the dog park.

“Susie’s training methods are very effective. She obviously loves the dogs! She is a big advocate for using exercise to minimize training problems, and I think that’s excellent advice. Progress requires a lot of time doing ‘homework’ but the work pays off. Susie is very good with all the dogs and their owners. Her own border collies are ‘model citizens’ and usually present for the training sessions. Wally was a star student in obedience class.

“Susie is continuing to work with us on home-related territorial aggression issues. We’ve had discussions with another trainer in the Atlanta area, that we felt was overly harsh in his methods and approach to the dogs. Susie understands that as an owner, you already love the dog, and if the dog hurts, so does the owner.

“Our Schipperke, Zoe, has also participated in agility training with Susie, and responded very well. We’ll undoubtedly be enrolling Zoe in future agility classes to help harness some of her abundant energy! We definitely recommend her services to anyone looking for just obedience, agility, or help with more troubling issues.”


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