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Dog Agility Training

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Agility training is a great way to both physically and mentally stimulate your dog.

This sport gives dogs a tremendous amount of confidence, helps them release extra energy and stress, and is a great form of exercise for working breeds. The Atlanta Dog Trainer Agility training course is located at our training facility at 12900 Freemanville Rd, Alpharetta GA 30004.


Times & Costs

Each course is 5 weeks long and costs $180.

  • Beginners agility class November 9th at 9am

  • Intermediate agility class November 9th at 10:15am

Private training is available at $85 per lesson or $245 for 3.

Class start dates and times may change due to weather and/or holidays.

Both the puppy agility training (dogs usually have to be 6 months of age - please check with your vet) and the dog agility training courses are located at our facility in Alpharetta. Your dog will learn how to go over all the obstacles and start obstacle sequences - most will run the full course by the end of week 5!

In puppy agility training we will graduate to a very thin parachute line by the end. Some puppies will graduate during the class to higher obstacles located in the adult course. However, each dog and owner will go at their own speed to ensure a safe and fun environment for all. There is no obedience training necessary to start basic adult or puppy agility training. The agility instructor will show you a few obedience exercises to work on in between classes. Come join a canine agility training class and explore what abilities your dog has!

Intermediate Atlanta Dog Agility Training


The intermediate dog agility training class will help teach your dog how to listen to you when they are in high drive. When your dog is excited and running you must have command and control over him/her. Your dog will be running the full course off-leash with more speed, accuracy and fury.  In addition, the course layout will change, and the dogs will have to do the crisscross course - enabling them to use their problem solving skills. By the time the dog finishes intermediate agility they will know all of the obstacles by name and sight. Dogs will learn to do the course in reverse. We will start the dogs on hand signals and teach them to “push” towards the next obstacle. The weave poles are also introduced in the intermediate level.

Advanced Atlanta Dog Agility Training


The advanced canine dog agility training course is the beginning of training for competition. The course will have more obstacles including more jumps, tight turns, and weave poles. The obstacles will change in direction and location so your dog will learn to follow your lead. You and your dog will learn how to run the course with speed and accuracy.

Agility Tips

The training “Cavaletti Work” originated from the equine world where trainers work young horses over low poles to teach the horses to balance themselves and look ahead. Agility trainers have borrowed this training method since it also provides great agility ground work training.

Use a simple ladder and lay it down flat on the ground. Lure the puppy with a treat over the rungs. This exercise will make him more conscious of his rear end and how to use it efficiently. Building rear end awareness will pay off in your future agility training and will help with teaching the puppy’s jumping and confidence building on and over obstacles.

Owner Testimonial

“We signed up our Pembroke Welsh Corgi puppy, Maxx, for the Atlanta Dog Trainer Beginner Agility class in late 2018. That very positive experience led to signing him up for the Intermediate Agility class in early 2019 and as of my writing this, we now eagerly await the offering of the Advanced Agility class. Our little guy was already fearless and pretty confident, but these two classes, under the excellent tutelage of Diane Culpepper, put him over the top in both categories.

Diane adroitly handled the different personalities of each dog and handler in class, providing tailored instructions to both.  The net result of this was maximum fun and sense of accomplishment for everyone. Nothing seem to faze her – not even Maxx’s antics , whom I nominated as the “class clown”.  His anticipation and excitement level would always start building the moment we rolled into the parking lot and increase to a crescendo by the time we entered the agility area. The main issue we had in class, because of his uber high excitement level,  was getting Maxx to be patient while he was waiting his turn.  Ironically, Dianne demonstrated a lot of patience herself with thisJ  We covered all 9 apparatus and she would constantly mix the course up to keep things interesting.  The high level of physical and mental activity expended in class always resulted in Maxx crashing on the ride home – usually before we even left the parking lot.

Whether you’re considering doing agility competition, or just want to have fun and better bond with your canine friend, you can’t go wrong with taking an Atlanta Dog Trainer agility class or two with Diane Culpepper. She creates a fun, welcome atmosphere, has the patience of Job, and is a pleasure to talk with not only about all things canine, but just about anything else.”


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