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Carl Morgan


Carl Morgan is our manager of Atlanta Dog Trainer’s dog daycare and boarding facility.

Carl is a second-generation kennel manager and canine trainer of all breeds.  Growing up in Australia, his family's kennel and training techniques were world renowned. As a result, the United States Secret Service recruited his family and brought them to the United States. 

The focus was to enhance the complete kennel operation of the Secret Service and implement training techniques to make them a self-sufficient operation. Other than assisting with training operations, it was a huge honor for Carl to become a junior member of the Secret Service.

Carl became “Training Director” at the age of 14.  Under Carl’s tutelage, dogs were trained in all aspects of obedience training, protection training, tracking, and general problem solving skills. Carl and several other handler/owner teams traveled all over the United States competing in shows and trials with excellent results.

At age seventeen, Carl became the president of the company. It was at that time that Carl and several other dog/handler teams started competing internationally.  Many of the dogs Carl trained and owned have been documented in books, magazines, and videos. Some have even appeared on the big screen.

Although Carl has a lifetime of experience working with dogs and their owners, nothing brings Carl greater joy than having the opportunity to help dogs in need. He enjoys helping owners work with their dogs to create a positive environment by producing a happier, well-adjusted pet and pet owner.

Other than dogs, Carl’s other passion is playing lacrosse. He always teaches dogs to drop the ball in the net, so he doesn’t have to touch the slobbery ball. 

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