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Susie, who is the owner of Atlanta Dog Trainer, is such a life saver. I brought my dog Nick to her last fall because he was human and animal aggressive. I had adopted him from an animal control and he had been living with me, my boyfriend and our other dog Shenzi for about 5 months. She immediately knew that he was showing all of these aggressive behaviors because he was extremely fearful.

I had previously taken him to another trainer and had absolutely no luck with them. She explained that the negative reinforcement techniques this particular trainer used only increased Nick’s fear and anxiety. She showed me some positive reinforcement techniques that I have been practicing with Nick for about 6 months, and they have really helped Nick become a more confident dog.

We are able to invite “strangers” into our house now. Nick still gets a little stressed out by the newcomersat first, but he is no longer growling and barking and biting at them. He calmly and cautiously interacts with them until he decides that they are not a threat (which is only taking about 5 minutes now!), and then he’s their best friend.


Susie and team are terrific!  We almost gave up on our Border Collie but called Atlanta Dog Trainer with one last effort.  Susie spent a lot of time on the phone with me and two assessment sessions before we enrolled in the board and train program.  Two weeks later we got a different dog back!  He was well socialized and exposed to a multitude of things that allowed him to not get so wound up with unfamiliar simulations.  More importantly she taught us how to read his body language.  The personal touch we received was icing on the cake!


Great learning experience!

I went through all 3 levels of the Atlanta Dog Trainer Academy and it changed my life for the better. The academy incorporates hands on learning into the curriculum that is very beneficial. When it comes to learning about dog behavior it helps to watch in real life versus just reading it from a book. I highly recommend Atlanta Dog Trainer Academy if you are thinking about becoming a dog trainer. You won’t regret it!


Best in town

I went through level one and two of the ATD school and it was incredible. Wonderful leadership throughout the course and plentiful amount of information to learn. All trainers care about every dog and every client and seek the best results for each person and dog individually! Thank you ADT and all the trainers down there for your amazing help setting up my future!


Life Changing.

I enrolled and attended the Dog Trainer Academy at Atlanta Dog Trainer and it has changed my entire world on dogs. I attended Level 1 and Level 2 of their Academy with plans of finishing Level 3 next year. Susie Aga (Owner) was our primary trainer and she approaches our training with a hands on approach; she keeps the environment entertaining while still delivering and showing examples of very important dog handling techniques. She truly understands how dogs and humans learn. Her staff was always professional, always took time for me, and became family to me. I would recommend Atlanta Dog Trainer to anyone looking to make a career in the Dog Industry or simply looking to solve some unwanted dog behaviors.


Amazing Learning Experience!!

I recently took the Level One class at the Academy for Atlanta Dog Trainer. What an AWESOME and an enlightening learning experience all the way around! The class covered the aspects of learning theory in how dog’s learn which I found most fascinating. During this class we experienced a tremendous amount of hands-on training through client evaluations as well as some of the general services / training offered by Atlanta Dog Trainer. The hands-on training is what I found most valuable! In addition, there was a lot of reading material through classroom notes and handout material, along with some videos, and recommended reading that really helped to bring everything together for me personally. I was extremely impressed with Susie Aga… her knowledge, skills, experience and overall abilities in this field. Susie is most definitely an expert in not just training dogs but recognizing and understanding the behavior of dogs too! Through all the many resources at our disposal during this class, I have a new and vastly improved understanding of dogs in general… whether its obedience training, reading their body language – stress signals, to being better able to determine a variety of behavioral issues and possible solutions. I hope to be able to continue my education with the other classes offered by Atlanta Dog Trainer in the near future. I would recommend Susie and Atlanta Dog Trainer to anyone and everyone! Thank you!!

Excellent training academy…

Atlanta Dog Trainer (ADT) Academy is dedicated to advancing the field and profession of dog training and behavior. Susie Aga encourages each student to approach dog training as they would any other educational endeavor. The program goes far beyond basic dog obedience training. It educates individuals on the training theory, how to evaluate, read, and understand dog behavior, and assisting dog owners with behavior modification. Susie further instills the ability to evaluate each individual situation and then choose the appropriate or best-suited approach for that particular situation. The ADT Academy trainer program provides students with more than a basic education; students are offered the knowledge and skills required to be a professional dog trainer.

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