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Tip of the Month: Back to School

Dogs have a behavior called Neophobia, which is the fear of change or anything new. This behavior can effect dogs in such a way that it causes separation anxiety. We would like to offer some tips to help with the transition of “back to school” fears and phobias.

Teach the dog a “place command”. A lot of our clients know our “place bed” command. If you start practicing it consistently you could be able to go to the next level. If you do not know this command please call us at 770-754-9178, and we will be happy to help you teach a “place” command to your dog.

  1. Teach the dog how to get on and off the place command with a “release” command.
  2. Start practicing duration on the bed and the release command.
  3. Begin by having the dog stay on a place bed while you are moving about a room.
  4. Next step is to go out of the room for a few seconds and come back in.
  5. Once your dog is doing duration on the place bed start adding in distractions.
  6. The next step is to practicing having the dog stay on a place command while you are out of the room and build duration your dog has to be alone on the place bed.
  7. If you keep practicing 5 minutes 3 times a day your dog will start learning how to have coping skills to deal with things they cannot control, plus be able to have the socialization to be alone in a room without you there. Another helpful way to combat Neophobic tendencies is to start slowly changing the dogs schedule now. How ever long your dog will have to spend alone once school starts, practics the change in schedule now.

We love happy dogs... and happy dogs make happier owners. If you need help with this tip, or any other concern with you pup, call us at 770-754-9178 we are standing by eager to help you and your pup succeed!

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