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Throwback: Splash Day 2015!

This week's blog post is a throwback to a very speical event from nearly 5 years ago! Check out the original newsletter:

Stay Safe and Cool this Summer Season with Aquatic Fun for you and your Pup!

Our annual Splash Day was a huge success! Thank you all of those who came and had fun under the sun with us!

All of our pups stayed cool with no drool! Here are some tips during this splashy season of wet fun.

Water Safety

With summer here and it is “pool season” I wanted to give you some hints if you have a pool on your property, a lake house with a dock or live by the river. Unfortunately there have been some cases of dogs drowning, in past years. They either fell in, or did not get proper orientation to the exit of the pool, dock, or even caught up in a current. The number one rule is if there is a current your dog needs to always swim on a long line so you can guide it back to the shoals of the river or the beach

Pools and docks

When a dog falls in or in some cases bumped in the pool by a secondary dog (especially when you are not home) the dogs have panicked and worn themselves out by swimming in circles. When a dog panics in water they tend to swim in a circular pattern looking for a way out. At water level your dog cannot see the stairs that are usually submerged in the water. If a dog has swam from a dock to the lake shore many times they will self orient themselves from the conditioning of many times swimming to shore. If you have a young dog it does not have that experience of orientation once in water to an exit. You must train your dog by placing a flag by the exit. You can put a decorative flower pot by the stairs and place a flag in it for the dog to spot when they are at water level. Dogs see blues and yellows the bests.

Dogs making a splash in the pool!

When your dog is lifting their paws out of the water and a lot of splashing is going it might “look like they are swimming” but they are not! Dogs swimming are even smooth stroke without a lot of splashing. Dog in a panic swim will lift their paws up and act like they can climb out of the water. This motion is 10 times more exhausting than a dog swimming. This motion causes them to loose orientation, wear themselves out and loose their stamina.

We have used this method with many clients and it has saved one dogs life for sure that we know of.

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