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Do you find yourself explaining to strangers that your dog is sweet and harmless, all the time? Or, trying really hard for others to understand that your pup is not the scary monster they perceive it is? Perceptions is everything according to Susie Aga, Senior dog trainer at Atlanta Dog Trainer and Senior Instructor at the Atlanta Dog Trainer Academy. She teaches her students as well as clients who face this problem by changing the initial perception of the dog with some simple quick fixes that can easily help reduce the anxiety in others, and reduce the stress for you and your dog while in public.

Here is another look your pup can sport!


Training the Trainer!


Academy learning in the classroom (Students of the Academy in the classroom evaluating a case.)

The Atlanta Dog Trainer Academy for Professional Dog Trainers is a recognized and accredited vocational Academy that focuses on the most cutting edge methods of dog training to date. Susie Aga saw the need of providing a rigorous and hands on training for those who are called to help save one dog’s life at a time. “I cannot begin to stress how important it is to be able to have your dog seen by a professional dog trainer,”exhorts Susie Aga, Sr. Dog Trainer at the Atlanta Dog Trainer. Every class has new materials. They work on real cases and solve real problems that dog owners face. “The books are great resource, but most trainers need also the experience to compliment or bring to life what they read,” states Aga.

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