Trish Carpenter

Trainer & Academy Sr. Instructor

trish carpenterTrish Carpenter has spent the past 10 years as a tireless animal advocate through several rescue organizations, primarily Labrador Friends of the South. She has worked with dozens of dogs in order to help them transition from a shelter environment into a stable family life. Her specialty has been socializing dogs into life as family members, and she & her husband have fostered over 90 dogs. Trish Carpenter has also worked closely with local animal shelters in order to temperament-test dogs to assess which ones are good candidates for adoption. She is experienced in severe & hard to manage behavioral issues, such as separation anxiety, different types of aggression, fear- based behaviors, & behavioral problems that are the result of little or no socialization in the puppies’ crucial learning stages.

Trish Carpenter works with owners and their dogs in private or in-home lessons, for either behavioral issues or basic obedience. She is specializes in aggression management. One of her areas of expertise as a result of her years working with rescues is identifying severe aggression cases and other dangerous behaviors. Trish Carpenter also works with autistic individuals in order to assist them in learning how to care for their own companion dog, as well as coordinating the Hands for Hire program where adults with disabilities learn to train and care for dogs. She participates with Ms. Aga in her lectures on Behavioral Psychology at Georgia State University, and she is responsible for Atlanta Dog Trainer’s puppy classes. Trish Carpenter is also a Certified Canine Good Citizen Evaluator. She will continue her efforts with rescue groups, including evaluations & assessments.

“He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog. You are his life, his love, his leader. He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart. You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion.” – Unknown


Hi Trish,

I just wanted you to know what information you gave us and worked with us on was very good and successful. I think you made us look at ourselves and realize that we needed to be more positive. We were getting so angry at them. The positive reinforcement has worked like a charm.

Molly is running up to her bed without us running after her all over the house at night. She is listening much better. DaVinci is better, as well. He is listening when we ask him to sit, stay, down and off. So we are progressing. He still is so young and full of energy but he is coming along. Jack and DaVinci are not in love but they are getting along better and can move in the same space now and are both living together. We are watching very closely for triggers. You made us aware of that also.

I have been thinking about you and wanted to let you know what was happening and to thank you.



Chloe “no Bite!” That is how I spent my days. Her aggression was only towards me and my two small children. The minute my husband walked out the door, it was game on for her. Our sweet spoiled boxer puppy had figured out that she was the queen and we were there to serve her. Desperate for help, I called Trish at the Atlanta Dog Trainer and she came right out. Chloe made sure that Trish Carpenter saw who was the boss immediately growling and snapping when she did not get her way. For an hour Trish went through what was going to have to happen for me to take back the control in the house. I was skeptical and wrote it all down: put up the toys; food; stopped spoiling her with attention; stopped yelling; and, approached her in a calm way only awarding her for being good. She fought me at first; but, in a week was doing EVERYTHING I said and no growling or biting every time I walked by or at the kids. “Is this my dog?” Even the neighbors were amazed. I also put her in the doggy day camp where she has been learning socialization with the other dogs and it wears her out&ndahs;she LOVES it! Trish and her husband Rick could not be more friendly and helpful–they are so good to Chloe and my family. Every penny I spent with them has been worth it 120% because I now have the dog that I always wanted thanks to Trish and Atlanta Dog Trainer. We will continue to go there–they have changed our lives.

Thank you!



Hi Susie,

I have had my two standard poodles (Jake and Bella) enrolled in Trish’s 3:30PM (Sunday) Level 1 Obedience for the past 6 weeks. We “graduated” today, and I am interested in signing Bella, my younger poodle, up for Level 2. Another Sunday class would be great. Do you know when the next class might start? By the way, Trish is great; an excellent and very patient, knowledgeable teacher. My poodles and I have enjoyed the class.

Thanks again,

Kathy Bergwall