Susie Aga and Atlanta Dog Trainers are host and co-host of a talk show called “The Animal Hour”. It is on every Tuesday at 2pm on AM 1620. You can listen to the show on-line from their web site , download a podcast , or search the podcast archive .

Susie Aga and Atlanta Dog Trainers were featured on CNN for their “Small Business Success” segment which aired world wide in July 2009.

Atlanta Dog Trainer’s commercial is featured on Cable Networks throughout The Metro Atlanta Area.

Susie was chosen by Turner Broadcasting to be their featured “Pet Expert” .

Atlanta Dog Trainer was featured in a article by Around town Magazine for “Canine Pet experts”

Susie Aga is a featured expert for Atlanta Daybook Network. Read her “Spotlight Article.”

Susie Aga was featured as a pet expert on “My Buddy Butch Radio Program” .

Susie Aga spoke on Animal Hour with Brice Cavanaugh of Team Dog!

Susie is a reoccuring guest expert for Dog Cast Radio

Susie Aga writes articles on dog behavior and their solutions for multiple on line websites and veterinarians. Here are just a few websites you can find Atlanta Dog Trainer as well as Susie Aga:

Visit DVI Media Grid and click on the thermostat on bottom right. Dog trained by Susie Aga and the commercial won a Telly Award September 2010!