Complementary Services

All Rescues and Dog meet up Groups: that recommend Atlanta Dog trainer exclusively have complimentary usage of our Atlanta Dog Trainer Doggie Daycare and our training facility property for their meetings, reunions or adoption days.

Free Dog Obedience Training:

Provided for the life of all dogs that complete the Atlanta Dog Trainer, LLC 7 week dog obedience training courses.

Puppy Socials:

Atlanta Dog Trainer host the puppy social every other month at the Alpharetta Dog Daycare Facility. Atlanta Dog Trainer, LLC offers complimentary Puppy Socials. They are held in 6 locations around Metro Atlanta. This service is offered to clients as well as Veterinarians. The puppy socials are for the puppies [once fully immunized] to interact and socialize with dogs their own age. The puppy’s “parents” are able to ask questions on house breaking, chewing, and other related problems associated with adding a new furry family member. Call for the date on the next Puppy Social in your area.

Doggie PTA (Parent Trainer Assemblies)

Dogs get to socialize with other dogs their own age. Parents have a question and answer session on behavior modification, aggression, dog training techniques, potty training, house-breaking old dogs, puppy manners, chewing and any other related problem that might be occurring… Call for the next Doggie PTA in your area.

Doggie PTA and Puppy Socials can be held at any animal hospital or any other venue. Call for details.

Breed Selection

We offer consultations to help you choose the right dog for your family and your life style. Please call to schedule a consultation.

Training Lectures

Atlanta Dog Trainer, LLC will attend any company meetings and hold a question and answer session for training and behavior related questions.

Group Basic Obedience Classes

For all Veterinarians and their staff. Pet store employees, Atlanta animal shelter & rescue group employees who sponsor Atlanta Dog Trainer, LLC also receive $50 off tuition on group basic obedience classes.

Dog Training tips:

Dog training is the best form of communication between you and your dog. When your dog is well behaved your quality of life with your dog is enriched. Having your dogs are a part of the family will help with their socialization and make them more obedient when you have guest come over. Lack of dog training is the number one reasons dogs are given up and sent to shelters. Dogs can not learn without a teacher and you are their teacher. Be realistic in what behaviors you expect them to know if you have not taken the time to be their teacher.