Nose Work & Scent Work

Scent Detection- It’s a dog’s favorite game!!

What can I train my dog to scent out? We recently worked with a Georgia conservation organization to scent out Black Diamond Terrapins (an endangered species that reside on coastal regions of the Southern US).

Can I compete with my dog?

nose work

Why not choose agility or obedience with my dog?  Dogs can have fun scent detecting at any age.  Physical strength or impairments do not matter nor are their any particular skills needed in this activity. There is not any negative motivation associated to scent detection.

Are there any career opportunities? There are many career opportunities for this valuable skill, including: drug detection, bomb sniffing, search and rescue, mold detection, termite searching, bed bugs, firearm searches and seizure alert just to name a few.


  • Scent detecting is a creative and fun way to work with your dogs nature instincts.
  • There are many benefits to using scent detection with dogs that might not excel in other dog sports/activities.
  • We use scent detection as a way of working with reactive dogs.
  • Nose work is excellent for shy dogs or dogs without coping skills to deal with new environments and people. It also gives your dog motivation and independence without the physical pressures found in other sports.
  • Nose work enhances focus and drive for problem solving which in turn builds the human bond between dog and parent. The game is FUN and awakens the natural instinct they were born with.
  • Our classes are small and individualized. Each dog works independently of others during a scenting class.

Classes are 6 weeks for $175. Each class is about 90 minutes depending on how many dogs are in a class.  No more than 4 dogs are in a class.

Individual lessons are $75 an hour or 3 sessions for $215

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