July 2016


Elijsha’s Dream sponsors a program called “Wow-Insinc” designed to add enrichment through dogs for developmentally physically and mentally challenged individuals

Atlanta, GA, April – 2015 – Nationally recognized dog expert and certified professional dog trainer Susie Aga launches Elijsha’s Dream with the hopes that she can help make one dream at a time come true.  Elijsha’s Dream is a 501c3 nonprofit organization.



Mission Statement:

Elijah’s Dream provides specific individual training for mentally impaired and or physically disabled persons, including financially disadvantaged persons and veterans.   Training will be individualized to each recipient to include integrating a dog into their daily life.




10% off when mentioning this add on your registration form!!

We offer all levels at  of dog obedience training including puppy obedience training, manners, puppy kindergarten, house breaking and behavior modification. We specialize in help with all types of aggression problems. We also work with aggressive dog issues and seek solutions through behavior modification and dog obedience training. These problems can include: leash aggression, aggression towards dogs, aggression towards children or adults. Please read Susie’s article on dog aggression problems for Petlanta magazine. Lack of dog obedience training is usually the core of all canine behavioral issues.


Group classes run for 6 weeks, each class is an hour only 7-8 dogs in a class $145

  • Note class dates could be postponed a week due to weather.
  • If the class is full when we receive your registration form, we will put you into an overflow class at the same location or refund your tuition.
  • If these locations or dates do not suit you, we can set up classes in your area. Please contact us for details. For more information or questions on dog or puppy obedience classes please feel free to call or email us and we will be happy to help.
  • We have several people interested in doing a weekday class either Monday or Tuesday any time before noon.  If you are interested


July 24th 1pm

August 14th at 1:30pm




Group Puppy Dog Training Classes 

Group obedience training classes: New economical special for Alpharetta and Roswell location only  $145 for a 6 week obedience course with The Life of the Dog Services included; Group Classes at all other locations are $160 and include the life services as well. Classes are small with a limited number of dogs to allow for individualized attention for you and your dog. The class will meet at the same location and time for the following 6 weeks. Puppy obedience training classes receive The Life of The Dog Services as well.

There will be 6 weeks of obedience training with go home lessons and homework handouts. You will be given the tools to train your dog at your home during the week between classes. The classes are designed to go at your own pace.  For your dog to achieve the curricula stated below for the basic obedience course within the 6 week time frame, you will need to do 3-4 sessions of 5-10 minutes a day to achieve your goals. You will be given the tools to train your dog and when and how much you use the tools is up to you. You will have the tools to train at your own pace as well as train all your dogs in the future.

Next Puppy classes: runs for 4 weeks $95 (dates are subject to change due to weather) you must register for class BEFORE start date and confirm with your instructor if there are any date changes, please.
  • July 30th at 10am
  • August 13th at 9am
  • More class to be scheduled shortly
Puppy classes: not more than 5-6 puppies in a class puppy agility included in classes for confidence building.  This class is for puppies under 4 1/2 -5 months old.  Your vet will approve if your puppy has enough immunizations to be around other dogs/puppies.  Each vet is different on what series of immunizations they want a puppy to have.  Please check with your vet.  All puppies in class are immunized by a vets approval.

 Susie’s Tips 

Susie’s Tips!  
Separation Anxiety and the woes of a dog dealing with the family’s routine changing and all the stress comes with “back to school” schedule changes.

1.) Start now mimicking the changes the dog will be experiencing, the changes associated with returning back to school.

2.) Start retrieving games with your dog now so you can have a quick exercise program before school to help your dog decompress.

3.) Allow in your children’s schedule a time for them to interact with the dog between arriving home from school and homework schedules.

4.) Get your dog temperament tested and used to going to a dog daycare once a week for stress relief.

5.)Find interactive toys now that your dog will enjoy when they are in the crates and left for longer periods of time.

6.) Some dogs might need a homeopathic stress relief ointment like lavender oil or a stress relieving pill “stress easy or stress relief” found in your local pet stores.



The Bow Wow bungalow, open exclusively to clients of Atlanta Dog Trainer, LLC,  is available to you and your entire family at a reasonable rate. It’s fun under the sun with your furry friends on a beautiful, quite, dog-friendly beach!

A word of caution: those who experience the Bow Wow Bungalow always come back for more!

Availability is limited, so book your fun early in order to get your preferred time slot.   Call us at 770-754-9178.

If you you refer to a friend to Atlanta Dog Trainer you get a gift from us. Forward this newsletter to your friend or they can give us your name we and we credit your account 10.00 towards your next visit or service. its that simple!

There is no expiration on this offer. Valid per 1 client per dog per customer only. No combination of offers can be used with this. One time a month only.

April 2016

Dog Pool!

A great way to exercise your dog is to teach it to retrieve in the water.  We have specialty trainers who can help you and your dog in our luxurious 52 foot dog pool.  Our specialty trainers teach dogs how to learn to retrieve, dock dive and the proper way to do aqua therapy (to get the most benefit).  Swimming with your dog is one of the most relaxing bonding experiences you will ever have.  Our pool rental is $30 an hour mention this Newsletter and get $5 off.

Vivid Life: Swimming is not only fun for your dog…but it also does great things for him. The resistance of water makes your dog work harder to swim than he has to work on land to walk or run. He will show improved muscular strength and tone, while working the cardio-vascular and respiratory systems, without the impact of concussive exercise on land and the associated damage that it may cause.

It may surprise you to know that for a dog, 1 minutes’ swimming is equivalent to about 4 minutes of running, according to Dr Arleigh Reynolds, a Veterinary Surgeon and Canine Physiologist.

Stronger, toned muscles help to protect dogs against injuries sustained during normal exercise, such as running or chasing a ball, or during more demanding exercise such as agility and flyball.

In healthy dogs, swimming should be used in conjunction with other exercise on land to ensure the dogs’ bones are kept strong by sustaining good bone density.

As with any fitness program, you should expect to start gently and increase the exercise over time. Don’t be surprised if your dog only swims for a few minutes or has a few short bursts to begin with. Gradually, as their fitness improves, they will be able to swim longer with fewer rests.

If the pool water is heated the dogs’ muscles won’t take as long to “warm up” which helps relaxation and assists blood flow. It also helps to reduce muscle spasm and improve the dogs’ range of movement. Not to mention, if your dog is not that fond of swimming, the water temperature will make them more comfortable thereby making swimming much more enjoyable. The more they enjoy it, the harder they tend to work, and the more benefit they get from it.


Many dog trainers make use of swimming therapy to help their animals, even building special pools so that they can swim regularly. In addition, swimming can help dogs relax and release pent-up energy.

For working dogs, such as rescue, police, drug enforcement, and seeing-eye dogs, swimming helps them improve their spirits and mental well-being.

For dogs with medical conditions that restrict or prohibit concussive exercise, swimming is very important to the dogs overall health and recovery. For example, in the case of a any orthopedic surgery, it’s important to build up the supporting muscle prior to the operation. However, walking and running are unsuitable forms of exercise, whereas swimming enables supported, non-concussive exercise to build the muscles.

After surgery, once the site has had an appropriate amount of time to mend (veterinary consultation is a must), swimming provides weightless exercise to improve joint movement, increase circulation and build supporting muscle, where concussive exercise such as walking can possibly cause damage to the newly reconstructed area.

Many veterinarians recommend swimming in warm water as an ideal form of therapeutic exercise for dogs. Research indicates that swimming in warm water can help dogs, significantly decrease recovery time from injuries and decreases pain.

Nowadays, swimming therapy is widely used in the rehabilitation of various dog issues such as; arthritis, hip and elbow dysplasia, cruciate ligament tears, orthopedic surgery, stroke, paralysis, muscle degeneration, and pre/post surgical conditioning.

Atlanta Dog Trainer presents our Dog Educators Vocational Academy to become a Professional Dog Trainer in our Dog Training School

Are you ready for a dog training school…?



  • Looking for a dog training school where the instructors are successful dog obedience trainers with excellent credentials?
  • Wasting your time in a career you do not enjoy?
  • Wanting to learn using hands-on dog training rather than taking generic courses from an online dog training schools?
  • Wanting to learn a variety of methods to train a dog?
  • Looking for positive dog training with effective methods?
  • Want to learn how to be an agility trainer?  Have you ever thought about training dogs for scent detection? Dock Diving?
  • Atlanta Dog Trainers vocational school for professional dog trainers has it all in our curriculum and at our farm facility!!



Our recent Dock Diving class is a success 



Congratulations to our dock divers Riley McPhail, Dexter Ring, Rocky Okiyama. Rick Carpenter is our dock diving instructor. Most of you have met rick at our “Splash Day” events. He is an excellent teach and it shows in all the success our dogs are having in the dock diving class.



Dog Dock Diving 



We are excited to introduce the new dog sport called “Dock Diving.” I am sure you have seen some events in the media or on the extreme dog sports channels. Do you have an athletic dog? Do you even know if your dog is athletic?  Dogs who do not enjoy agility may love swimming or dock diving.  If you already have a dock diving dog, then you have a great new place to practice! Participating in this ever-increasingly popular dog sport is rewarding for both you and your dog. The excitement at these events is contagious! These competitions build true camaraderie amongst dog lovers and can expand your circle of friends while providing great exercise and socialization for your furry best friend!!




Is your dog full of energy?  Are they looking to make new friends?  Bring them to daycare and let them make tons of friends while setting all of that energy free!


Bring your dog to our doggie daycare where they can enjoy the outside in one of our 10 fenced in yards.  All yards are shaded and staffed to ensure the play the play is peaceful and fun!!  Temperament tests are required.
Call 770-714-9877 today to get yours scheduled.  Also, from May 23 – June 23 if you mention you saw it in the newsletter you will get $10 off a daycare package of 5 visits or more!!


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