Elizabeth Payne

Professional Canine Behavior and Training Master Instructor

Elizabeth PayneElizabeth Payne has graduated from Atlanta Dog Trainer’s Academy for Professional Dog Trainers. She is a Certified Professional Canine Behavior and Training Master Instructor. She is an instructor in our Board and Train program. Her experience includes private lessons, basic obedience classes and in-home training. Her specific training experience includes teaching your dog how to follow commands in various distraction levels, puppy development and socialization, providing effective solutions to a variety of common behavior problems, as well as improving communication between dog and owner.

Elizabeth Payne was born and raised in Georgia. She went to school to study animal science, with an emphasis in farm management. One summer she spent working on three different farms. The beef cattle farm she was working at had an Australian Shepherd, though he wasn’t professionally trained for herding. Elizabeth Payne decided, for fun, to work with training him to help herd the cattle into different pastures and pens. That summer she realized working with dogs was ultimately what she was born to do.

She started off in the dog training academy here at Atlanta Dog Trainer, while she was working full time as a manager at a pet boutique. Her goal was to continue working as a manager and train dogs part time. She soon realized her passion for training was more than a part time job.

Elizabeth Payne has been working at Atlanta Dog Trainer as a certified behavioral trainer and is currently the boarding supervisor and also a boarding and daycare associate.  Elizabeth currently has three rescue dogs: a Rat Terrier, a Saint Bernard and an American Bulldog mix.