Dog Boarding


Our Freemanville Road Farm location (770) 714 -9877

Dog Boarding in a home environment with Atlanta Dog Trainer

Check out our dog boarding in our farm house.  It also serves as the training location and our Academy for Professional Dog Trainers is located here as well.

All services have access to our HUGE 48′ long dog swimming pool where the dogs can enjoy splash & play, aqua therapy, dock diving training and swimming lessons all at a discounted rate.   Dogs who are boarding or enrolled in our board and train program can add on swimming at a rate of $20 for 30 minutes.










Address:  12900 Freemanville Road, Alpharetta GA 30004 (convenient to Roswell/Milton/Alpharetta and the surrounding areas)

Our dog boarding service costs $47 a night.   This all inclusive price includes night time monitoring, dog daycare, lots of exercise, social activity and human contact.  Our dog boarding Alpharetta, Roswell and Milton location is a very stimulating environment both visually and physically.  We have overnight monitoring to ensure the care of our young puppies who might be working on house breaking.  We cater to older dogs with special needs, dogs with fear issues , thunder phobic dogs that need special attention, as well as, dogs who might not do well in a kennel environment.  We will attend to all medical needs at no extra charge. We do require a temperament test to board with us on “the farm”.  To set up a temperament test call 770 -714 -9877.

Any size dog, any weight dog!   All inclusive fees of $47 per dog.

  • Half day fee for pickups after 1 PM
  • Late day pick ups up to 7pm
  • No drop offs for new guests after 4pm
  • 15% discount on the second dog from the same customer on same visit.
  • Sunday and holiday pick ups or drop offs at no extra charge
  • Special pricing on long term boarding
  • Superior supervision of our dog guests by a staff that truly LOVES dogs!!!
  • Late night potty breaks
  • Dog boarding in a farm house which mimics a home environment to lessen stress
  • Educated staff which include vet technicians who are certified in pet first aid and pet CPR
  • Staff helps maintain potty training, manners, no jumping, etc
  • Lots of human and dog socialization with plenty of mental & physical stimulation
  • All inclusive pricing. We do not charge extra for feeding special diets, medication administration or dog daycare
  • We love to have the young puppies and older dogs hang out with our staff in our home environment on the farm.

Here is a sample break down of other facilities price structure of $25-$30 a day for the kennel boarding. 

  • $9 – $15 a day for 15 minute nature walks and extra costs for longer duration.
  • $5 a day for time in the exercise yard alone for 15 minutes.
  • $4 a day for 15 minutes extra playtime
  • $2 per feeding
  • $2 per medication administration

All of a sudden, that $30 a day turns into $45 a day and you get a stressed out dog when you return home. Surprise!

We offer a superior value with all-inclusive pricing.

We have a limited space so reservations are required in advance.  Please call “The Farm” specialty dog boarding at (770)714-9877.

Dogs will live on our farm at the 12900 Freemanville Road location. As usual, the boarding dogs will sleep in crates in the dog room at night but the rest of the time they will be running and playing in doggie daycare or in our agility area with the other friendly boarding dogs.  We provide a service that pays attention to the needs of dogs that may require a potty break after 10pm.

Atlanta Dog Trainer will provide excellent care for your furry family member. Since we have staff on the property  throughout the night caring for the boarding dogs and training dogs, your dog will have specialized individual night and day care.  We spend individual time with them by loving, petting, brushing, giving them treat balls and watching “Animal Planet”.   Basically we keep them as spoiled as we do our own pups!

Our excellent boarding staff is trained to detect and prevent canine stress, to administer first aid and to soothe dogs with any fear based issues.

Baths- Shampoo and conditioner and towel dry $25-$45 depends on weight and type of hair.

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