Dock Diving

Yeti jumped at ultimate dock dogs and won 1st in his division . Really tough competition.


Dog Dock Diving please call or email susie@atlantadogtrainer for class dates and times.

We are excited to introduce the new dog sport called “Dock Diving.” I am sure you have seen some events in the media or on the extreme dog sports channels. Do you have an athletic dog? Do you even know if your dog is athletic?  Dogs that do not enjoy agility may love swimming or dock diving.  If you already have a dock diving dog then you have a great new place to practice!  Participating in this ever-increasingly popular dog sport is rewarding for both you and your dog. The excitement at these events is contagious!  These competitions build true camaraderie among our dog lovers and can expand your circle of friends while providing great exercise and socialization for your furry best friend!!


  • Classes meet once a week for approximately 1 to 1 1/2 hour and runs for 4 weeks.
  • Basic class $150 for 4 classes (minimum of 3 dogs/maximum 5-6 dogs per class).
  • Jumpers class run for 4 weeks for $150 ( same as above         ”                             ” ).

Week 1 in Dock Diving Class

Week 5 in Dock Diving Class