April 2016

Susie’s Tips for Spring !

Spring dangers right in your garage-ant killer granules smell sweet to some dogs and they can smell them through the containers.  Be aware and store appropriately.

Pollen can severely affect your dogs breathing.  Make sure you wipe there paws and face frequently with a warm towel to get off any pollen residue so they do not ingest it.
Here are some tips for keeping your dog safe.
  1. Check with your vet. Senior dogs, dogs with arthritis, dogs with short fur and puppies can be especially sensitive to the cold weather. Ask your vet whether it’s better to keep your dog indoors and restrict his outdoor activity to short walks. If your vet thinks a trip to the park is okay, ask her what cold-weather precautions she recommends.
  2. Bundle up. Dress your dog in a warm coat or sweater with a high collar or turtleneck; it should cover her back from the base of her tail and also protect her belly. Dog booties can protect paws from ice and salt – get your dog used to them indoors first.
  3. Know the signs of frostbite and hypothermia. The risk of these conditions is especially high when the temperature dips below 32 degrees Fahrenheit. Frostbite typically affects poorly insulated body parts such as the tips of the ears and is evidenced by skin that is pale or red, swollen and painful or numb. Signs of hypothermia include slow pulse, shallow breathing,  disorientation, collapse and unconsciousness. If you think your dog has either, call your vet immediately!
  4. Stick to fenced dog parks. More dogs are lost during the winter than any other season, possibly because dogs can lose your scent in snow or ice and become lost if they can’t see you. (Read our article: “Cold Weather Tips.”)
  5. Avoid salt. Stick to dry or snow-covered areas where road salt has not been used to melt ice. Not only can it hurt your dog’s paws, many varieties contain harmful chemicals that can cause stomach upset and even death if ingested when your dog licks his paws.
  6. Trim your dog’s paws. If your dog has furry feet, ask your groomer to “scoop” the pads – trim the hair that grows between your dog’s toes and under his feet – during the winter to prevent ice buildup between the paw pads. (Read our article: “Caring for Your Pup’s Paws in the Winter.”)
  7. Play fetch with toys, not sticks. Sticks – so plentiful in winter – can cause choking and severe injuries. (Read the Daily Mail article: “How throwing Fido a stick could kill him.”) So if your dog likes to chew and chase, pack a Frisbee, tennis ball or other toy.
  8. Watch out for bad play. Check out our video, “Dog Parks and Good Play vs. Bad Play,” to learn the signs that play has turned aggressive. Trust your instincts and leave if play is too rough. (Read our blog post: “Protect your dog from dog park bullies.“)
  9. Wipe your dog off as you get home. Balls of ice can form between your dog’s toes, and antifreeze, salt and other chemicals can stick to his paws and upset his stomach – or worse – when he licks them. Thoroughly wipe down your dog’s belly, legs and feet as soon you come home – and while you’re at it, check for issues such as dry and cracked paw pads.

Dog Dock Diving

We are excited to introduce the new dog sport called “Dock Diving.” I am sure you have seen some events in the media or on the extreme dog sports channels. Do you have an athletic dog? Do you even know if your dog is athletic?  Dogs that do not enjoy agility may love swimming or dock diving.  If you already have a dock diving dog, then you have a great new place to practice! Participating in this ever-increasingly popular dog sport is rewarding for both you and your dog. The excitement at these events is contagious! These competitions build true camaraderie amongst dog lovers and can expand your circle of friends while providing great exercise and socialization for your furry best friend!!

  • Classes begin Aug. 3rd  11:00 A.M. and run for 4 weeks
  • Classes meet once a week for 1 1/2 -2 hours with two 20 min. practice sessions
  • $125 for 4 classes (minimum of 3 dogs/maximum 7 per class)

 Pool/Deck Party Rental
Perfect for Canine Birthday Parties, Foster Groups, Meet Up Groups, Family Reunions, Etc.
  •  1 hour party rental $125
  • Includes 6 dogs/7 people
  • Chairs and Tables for Guests
  • Certified ADT Lifeguard trained in CPR and First Aid ($25 per hour)
  • 2 hour party rental $450
  • Includes up to 10 dogs and 20-25 people
  • Chairs and Tables provided for 20 guests
  • Certified ADT lifeguard trained in CPR and First Aid ($25 per hour)
  • Five (5) Minute Barking Rule

    Due to the fact that the Atlanta Dog Trainer’s Facility is located in a residential area,
    dogs are not allowed to bark continuously for more than 5 minutes.

  • No experience is necessary.
  • All you need is patience and a healthy dog (clean and groomed) that has a love for water and strong toy drive.
  • No pushing, shoving or throwing dogs off dock. ** There are no exceptions to this rule.
  • For dock diving lessons-Dogs should be capable of being crated when not practicing or training
  • All swimmers must be clean and brushed at home before appointments.
  • Dogs must be rinsed off prior to entering the pool
  • Do not feed your dog for at least 2-3 hours before swim time
  • Be on time and exercise your dog in the areas we provide.
  • Please Read Cancellation Policy .
  • Bring towels, water for you and your dog, poop bags.
  • Bring floating toys to retrieve.
  • Pool is for dogs and designated “Atlanta Dog Trainer” staff only, unless other previous arrangements have been made.
  • Please groom your dog at home, not in the pool area, parking lot or play yards.
  • Vet approval paperwork before appointments are made.
  • All swimmers must be in good health and up to date on shots.
  • No females in heat.
  • No peeing in the pool!! And that means you Peaches (AKA) Rick.
  • Please leave after-swim area as you found it.
  • Please groom at home.
Elijsha’s Dream is a 501c3, founded on the two basic principals that underscore the motto of Atlanta Dog Trainer, LLC. The primary mission is to provide help to dogs that are rescued by economically challenged families and Veterans through scholarship- funded behavioral training.  This is accomplished by certified professional dog trainers from the Atlanta Dog Trainer, LLC.
The second mission is to provide training opportunities to those  special- needs individuals who are looking for help in caring for their canines who are trained to help improve their quality of life. For more information on how you can be a part of the Dream, please contact: susie@atlantadogtrainer.com or visit us at www.atlantadogtrainer.com.

If you you refer to a friend to Atlanta Dog Trainer you get a gift from us. Forward this newsletter to your friend or they can give us your name we and we credit your account 10.00 towards your next visit or service. its that simple!

There is no expiration on this offer. Valid per 1 client per dog per customer only. No combination of offers can be used with this. One time a month only.

April 2016

Pool Official Opening
April 11th!

Splash day April 30th 1-4pm
Please R.S.V.P
April and May Specials Day care packages $10 off 5 of more (mention the newsletter for discount).
Pool rental 1 hour 

Call us at (770) 754 9178 to learn about all of the unique aquatic activities you and your pup would be able to enjoy this season.
-Susie Aga, owner and leader of the pack!

Teach your dog a long sit, long down and or a place command so you can take your dog to festivals and dog related events safely.

Dog Tricks: Target Exercise

Teach your dogs a stellar “leave it” command.  This command is crucial for the safety of your dog.

Leave It

Price Changes March 1, 2016

Splash N Play
the Atlanta Dog Trainer way”!!

April 30th 1-4pm

Reservations required!

Pool time is limited to 35 minute increments for 3-4 dogs so     everyone will have an opportunity to swim with their dogs.
Summer Pool hours are available 7 days a week by appointment
Appointments also needed for pool tours to ensure we have the staff to show you around the pool area. Demo dogs will need to be scheduled as well.  *ALL dogs must be swim tested, up to date on all shots and have a vet signature approval with a health check.

Aqua Temperament Testing

Aqua temperament Testing is NOT a swim lesson.  It is to ensure your dog (that swims in the lake a pool, dives into the water elsewhere) can handle the olfactory over load and visual stimulations on our property.  Test sessions are limited to 20 minutes. Aqua Temperament Testing is $25 and is mandatory for all water activities.
ADT farm is like a “dog park at Six Flags”. Owners will not enter the pool during testing.  Demo dogs and multiple staff members are needed in the pool area to ensure safety of all dogs. Test sessions are limited to 20 minutes. Aqua Temperament Testing is $25 and is mandatory for all water activities. The fee for the test is for the extra staff and dogs needed.
No exceptions! Please understand it is for the safety of your dogs, the demo dogs your friends, family and our hard working staff.
All Swim Sessions
Just like “ALL SKATE” at the roller skating rink we have our own “ALL SWIM” where any dog previously approved can join and swim with other dogs during the “All SWIM” hourly and half hour sessions. No humans allowed in the pool for safety reasons.
  • Monday- Friday (for younger rowdier dogs) 7am-1pm or 5pm-8pm appointments necessary
  • Saturday and Sunday 12pm-8pm appointments necessary
  • Canine “ALL Swim” limited to 8 dogs: Per 30mins $29 full hours swim are $49
  • Second family dog $12 per 30 min./ $20 per hour
Group Sessions
  • Partners and Family “Splash and Play” sessions 6-8 dogs call for appointments
  • For dogs who have been companion swim tested and approved to swim with guests
  •  Per 30mins $29 full hours swim are $49
  •  Second family dog $12 per 30 min./ $20 per hour
Swim Lessons with “Certified” Instructors $65 for 40 minutes or Package 3 lessons for $185 our swim sessions are tailored for a variety of needs. We utilize knowledge for the breed specific tasks which have been taught through 100 plus years of specialized breeding. Want your puppy or dog to learn to swim, safely? We can do it. Have a “more mature” dog that has trouble exercising or doesn’t like to exercise?  Swimming may be the solution!  It has low impact on the joints and so many benefits!
Aqua Therapy
Sessions with a trainer $85 per 45 minutes or 4 sessions for $315. Aqua therapy is a deep, physical, innate body response water relaxation method for relieving stress. It is also a fun and smooth freeing exercise for older dogs that might be experiencing arthritis or other limitations.  I know how they feel, poor guys.  Our water therapy is designed to help with dogs in need of weight loss, dogs with mobility issues, and our dogs recovering from surgeries where a no impact exercise is required.  The term “canine water therapy” can mean a lot of things… it can range all the way from an hour of tennis balls and power swimming to an hour of massage in the warm supporting waters at the stairs of the pool. Usually it falls somewhere in the middle, with a combination of movement in water and some kind of bodywork during the resting periods.  Some benefits of Aqua Therapy include:
  • Diminished Muscular Tension
  • Increased Range of Motion
  • Reduction of Pain
  • Augmented Peripheral Circulation
  • Normalization of Muscle Tone
  • Reduced Stress and Anxiety
  • Increased Body Awareness
  • Release of Emotional Stress
New Aquatic Classes enrolling now
Please call (770) 754-9178 for more info

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