5 Benefits Dog Agility Training Offers

Dogs come in different breeds and abilities. What skills a particular type may have, another may lack. But nothing like a good training can remedy. With proper training, or with the help of a professional dog trainer, a dog can become the perfect breed.

Are you particularly interested in dog agility? In this article, we will discuss the benefits of dog agility training and how to turn your dog into an agility dog through professional dog training.

Dog agility is a popular canine sport that tests how agile your pet can be. Handlers direct a dog through a variety of obstacles, such as tire jump, tunnel, teeter-totter, weave poles, standard jumps and pause table. The idea is to navigate dogs through a particular course as accurately and quickly as possible.

Benefits of Dog Agility Training

   1.Provide exercise for your dog

Dogs require exercise on a daily basis, but some need to expend more energy than others. With a variety of obstacles that your pet has to go through during dog training, they will be able to get rid of their energy, excess or otherwise. The obstacle course will challenge your dog’s mind, while improving their coordination, strengthening their muscles, and increasing their endurance. Overall, agility training will keep them fit.

   2. Improve dog obedience

A well-trained pet will showcase excellent dog obedience, but their ability to follow directions, rules and guidance will be highly enhanced with professional dog agility training. It’s one thing to tell your dog fetch, and another to navigate them through a variety of obstacle courses. If your pet has always been obedient, they will improve with the help of a professional dog trainer.

   3. Fulfill their natural instincts

Agility courses mimic natural scenarios of the wild where dogs are allowed to chase and run after a variety of prey to the best of their abilities. They can jump, climb and run as much and as fast as they want, something they may be unable to do at home. Signing them up with dog agility training will fulfill their desire to hunt and chase.

   4. Provide the ideal bonding time

Even with a dog trainer around, your participation is just as important, especially if you will be the assigned handler. So while your dog is navigating through the obstacle course, you will be training alongside them. This can be considered your bonding time, and your exercise session. Running together with your dog and assisting them through weaving poles or collapsed tunnels will serve as your cardiovascular workout, which is great for your heart health.

   5. Enhancing trust

Agility training not only improves dog obedience, but also strengthen the trust between you and your pet. After all, they will rely heavily on you to provide them with verbal and hand instructions, so they can complete the course.

Dog agility offers many advantages to you and your pet. But because of the challenges involved in training, you must seek the help of a professional dog trainer. With an obstacle course already set up, no need to make your own. A trainer’s skills and knowledge will prove helpful in agility training as well.

Sign your pet up for dog agility training today.

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